Intramural runners-up get a second chance

Photo by Alexis Macklin

Photo by Alexis Macklin

As the clock expired on Oct. 24, a bale of dejected Sea Turtles faced their fans for one last wave of appreciation. They had come into the playoffs looking very strong, with only one loss, and one loss was what it took to knock them out. It was especially painful as the Sea Turtles lost to their biggest rivals, the Good Fellas.

However, at 2:17 on the morning of Friday, Oct. 25, Sea Turtles’ quarterback Cammeron Neely got a call from Intramural Coordinator Andrea Collica.

“As soon as I got the call, I knew something was happening. She let me know we were going to UCLA for regionals,” said Neely.

However, only the victor of the Downtown Phoenix Men’s Intramural Flag Football League has the chance to contend for the regional title — and the Good Fellas were, seemingly, just that.

Until news broke that the Good Fellas had been disqualified.

News roared through the players’ social media sites Friday, saying that the team who had won the championship game the previous night had been banned from playing in the regionals due to an ineligible player.

According to Neely, who spoke to the Good Fellas captain, the ineligible player had previously attended ASU and therefore still had an active Sun Card. However, he had not registered for any classes this semester and, as a result, had broken the strict requisites required to be granted a spot on the ASU Prep field.

This news thrilled the Sea Turtles, who will now get something much-coveted in the sports world: a second chance.

The Sea Turtles will travel to UCLA on Veterans Day weekend and will play in the regionals. This is another tournament, which guarantees at least three games for the Sea Turtles. However, the team hopes to take home the Pac-12 Intramural Flag Football gold, utilizing the misfortune of the Good Fellas and turning it into a fortune of their own.