Quidditch coming to downtown Phoenix

Photo by Alexandra Scoville

Photo by Alexandra Scoville

One of the biggest crazes across college campuses is about to hit downtown Phoenix. Last month, Aaron Hopkins-Johnson, owner of Lawn Gnome Publishing, announced that the bookstore will be hosting Quidditch games downtown.

Quidditch is the fictional sport played in the hit Harry Potter book and movie series. The sport has been adapted for play in real life and has grown quite popular among college students. In this version, referred to as “Muggle Quidditch,” teams compete to score a volleyball, called the Quaffle, through three ring-shaped goals. There are also Beaters, who use dodgeballs — Bludgers — to take out opponents.

A big part of the sport is catching the golden Snitch. In the Muggle version of the sport, teams chase someone dressed as the Snitch, a person in yellow carrying a dangling tennis ball. When the tennis ball has been grabbed by a designated player on either team, the match ends. The most interesting part of the game is that every player must run up and down the field with a broomstick between their legs.

ASU does have an official Quidditch team, based on the Tempe campus. With Hopkins-Johnson’s announcement, Downtown students will now have the ability to be a part of the Quidditch phenomenon. Unlike most Lawn Gnome events, the Quidditch matches will not be held in the backyard. Instead, matches will take place at parks throughout downtown. Hopkins-Johnson says this will double as a movement to occupy the downtown Phoenix parks.

Lawn Gnome is still in the process of getting everything together in order to host a functional game of Quidditch. Materials such as volleyballs, dodgeballs and hula hoops, which make the goals, are required. Once everything is ready, Lawn Gnome will host pickup games monthly.