Intramural flag football kicks off downtown

(Photo by Alexis Macklin/DD)

The mob of elated fans walking through downtown Phoenix last week was not celebrating ASU’s controversial win against Wisconsin. They were praising a much more important event: the season opener of men’s intramural flag football.

The highly anticipated match between the Sea Turtles and the Inhuman Event headlined the night. While both teams looked promising, the Sea Turtles had a feared reputation from their success the year before.

“We did really well (last year) and other teams respect us for that,” said Sea Turtles sophomore Kerry Crowley.

The Sea Turtles, led by Crowley and sophomore Cammeron Neely, look to put their second round loss in last season playoffs behind them and bring home an intramural title in 2013.

Crowley said that while most teams don’t do well their freshman year, his team proved to be more organized from the start. The Sea Turtles came complete with a team mom who supplied orange slices and a mascot in a penguin suit, an apt fit for the team’s name.

The Inhuman Event, made up of entirely students from the Barrett, the Honors College, come into the 2013 campaign fresh from high school athletics, getting their first taste of collegiate intramurals.

The Sea Turtles dominated the game from start to finish, keeping the Inhuman Event scoreless in a 31-0 victory. The competitive, intense nature of intramural flag football shocked some of the freshmen from Inhuman Event.

However, Inhuman Event players remained in high spirits throughout the game. One player even tried tossing the refs a $20 bill at halftime and, fortunately for his debt, did not receive a lawsuit as a result. Despite the outcome, intramural flag football is regarded highly by its players.

“It is a time to play with our friends but definitely taken seriously,” Sea Turtles sophomore Adam Engelbert said. “We run advanced plays and use no-huddle offense. We want to win the title.”

The men’s flag football teams play their games at ASU Preparatory Academy at Seventh and Fillmore streets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-10 p.m.