ASU baseball celebrates Halloween in its own way

The ASU baseball team held its annual Halloween scrimmage Wednesday night and posed for a team photo before the start of the game. (Justin Emerson/DD)

Everyone has their own Halloween traditions. Some like to go trick-or-treating, some like to pass out candy and some like to play baseball.

On Wednesday, ASU Baseball held its annual Halloween scrimmage, and to top it off, the team was in full costume.

Ironman led off for the Witches, facing starting pitcher Laa-Laa the Teletubby of the Pumpkins. The Grinch got the first hit of the game, and Captain America knocked home Baby Daddy — carrying a fake baby in a harness on his back — for the game’s first run. The game was coached by a shark attack victim rafter, Tigger and the infamous Steve Bartman. Pac-Man and a hot dog umpired the night’s contest.

Mr. Incredible delivers a pitch to Baby Daddy, with Hot Dog calling balls and strikes.
(Justin Emerson/DD)

More than 100 fans came to watch the game, and all were throughly entertained by the game and the walk-up music, which included Irish folk music for the leprechaun.

In the fourth inning, Luigi singled home Mario for an RBI. In the same inning, Po the red Teletubby replaced Laa-Laa the yellow one, with the purple Tinky Winky playing first base. The green Dipsy was nowhere to be seen.

All joking aside, it was a well played game offensively by both sides. Both teams were able to get runners on, and both stole bases and bunted very well. They struggled on defense, committing what seemed like an error each inning.

The game was not at all indicative of the season, of course, as this is an exhibition game in October and the season does not begin until the spring. When asked if he was worried about the shaky defensive play, Head Coach Tim Esmay responded, “Not in the fall.”

“If we’re doing that in February, March and April, I’ve got some concerns,” he added.

The Pumpkins overcame a 4-1 deficit to win 5-4 over the Witches in six innings. Baby Daddy scored the winning run in the bottom of the sixth, with Po picking up the win and Mr. Incredible the loss.

Esmay said he was pleased with the stealing and bunting his Sun Devils displayed.

“(Small ball) is the Sun Devil way and we’re going to try to continue to do that,” he said.

Like the rest of his team, Esmay is looking forward to the Feb. 15 season opener against Bethune Cookman.

“The future is bright here,” Esmay said with a grin.